@rynnikins said: Are you kidding me? I love the direction her character is going in this season! She’s still a badass but a badass that is learning how to care for others. I mean, she’s joining the charming family now!

Well i read comments like my poor badass Queen is gone, her story on OuaT is over blah blah blah. Usual fandom fuckery.

anonymous asked: “could you make that dress yellow?”
anonymous asked: “could you dress Regina in a bunch of different colors”

@stormqueen said: Regina from S1 was unhappy and scared and unwilling to let anyone other than Henry in which only enhanced her destructive impulses.

Yep, she’s finally opening up to love. It’s beautiful to watch.

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I will never understand people who want badass bitch Regina from season 1 and still want redemption for her. Regina was a freakin’ robot in season 1, you can’t have both. She has come so far and she is still badass and as interesting as she was in season 1, even more interesting actually. She’s a mix of young Regina, mayor Mills and the EQ, it’s a joy to watch.
You can’t except her to have same reactions as in season 1. It only means that you are disregarding her growth. It’s called character development not “out of character”. Look it up.

IF Regina and Robin got married in FTL (which i doubt tbh) and the good guys cast the curse to escape Zelena why would they cast it in a way that no one remembers the past year? You never know with this show but i think a wedding (and in FTL where Regina was less drawn to RH) at the end of season 3 for Regina would be too soon.


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